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Clay Crossing Offers Holiday Advice for Families of Addicts

(MAUD, OK) – The holiday season is here, and families are likely planning to spend time together celebrating.  But for addicts and their families, holiday gatherings can be a stressful, not joyful time.

The staff at Clay Crossing wants to make sure families are prepared for the holidays and ready to support their family member dealing with an addiction.  They want to make sure families know how to deal with the disease and addict, not ignore the problem and let it destroy the family time together.

Here are a few guidelines to make sure the holidays are celebrated not regretted.

Set Boundaries and Stick to Them – Set boundaries that matter most, and make sure the addict and rest of the family understand they must be met to participate in the time together. They can include arriving on time, being and staying sober or clean, dressing ppropriately and being kind. Any variation of the rules will mean the family member can not take part.  Talk about the boundaries BEFORE the holiday gathering, and make sure everyone understands the need and consequences.

Stand Firm – Don’t back down from the boundaries, and follow through if they are crossed.  Stay focused on your plan, and calm in the execution. Addiction experts say the addict will feed off of chaos.  Staying calm will eliminate the chaos and help you keep control of the situation.

Leave the Past in the Past – Do not bring up the past, and times the addict has let you down.  Talking about those issues in this setting will only bring argument, which will not add to the holiday merriment.  Encourage other family members to do the same.

It’s Not Personal – Understand that addiction is a disease, and not the person.  The choices your family member makes will not be personal.  The addiction is powerful and will lead them to make choices they would not make if they were in a rational state of mind.

It’s Their Choice - Despite the boundaries set and rules laid out, it is possible your family member will not choose time with you during the holidays.  Make it clear this is their choice.  Communicate and tell them you’re sorry they are choosing not to join you.  Make sure they know they can change their minds, if they agree to the boundaries in place.

Boundaries will not be easy to set and consequences are not easy to follow through, but they are important.

Don’t forget the rest of your family during the holidays.  Use the time together to build a strong foundation for the addict in your family. 
Make your own memories, because you deserve them.

For more on dealing with an addict, or getting treatment the folks at Clay Crossing are available to help.

About Clay Crossing:

Clay Crossing was formed in the Spring of 2000 as a non-denominational Christian based facility. We also work with residents of other faiths. In 2003, G.D. Madden, a businessman from Oklahoma City, purchased the Center. Mr. Madden has a heart for giving back and helping the community around him. Our clinical and non-clinical staff have qualities that you cannot teach or train. We approach each resident with kindness, understanding, listening and empathy. We take great pride that we treat each resident with dignity, and respect. We treat your loved ones as we would treat our own. We know that people can buy a bed, but they can’t buy a good night’s rest. At Clay Crossing our residents can rest in total quiet as they fall asleep.  Clay Crossing continues to be successful in helping men and their families to balance their lives spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Clay Crossing Names New Clinical Director

(MAUD, OK) – Clay Crossing is pleased to announce the hire of James Barton as Clinical Director.

Most recently Barton was the Program Manager and a Counselor for the Carver Center in Oklahoma City.  While Program Manager, Barton worked directly with clinical programs for people dealing with substance and abuse and dependency. He continues to work with city care/Pershing center in Oklahoma City on a contract basis.

Barton also held the Clinical Supervisor role at Center Point Inc. in Oklahoma City. He led the counseling staff, and managed programs for men in the custody of the Department of Corrections.

In his 19 years of experience, Barton has counseled many people dealing with substance abuse.  He also has training and experience in pastoral care and counseling.

Barton’s direct connection with people battling substance abuse makes him the perfect candidate for Clay Crossing.  Men come to Clay Crossing looking for a path out of addiction, and Barton joins the staff to help lead the way.

Clay Crossing is a faith based recovery facility.  Bible study is offered on certain days, and a resident can pick a church of their belief to attend on Sundays.  The Clay Crossing staff believes spiritual formation teaches important character traits as supported by the Bible such as integrity, forgiveness, the value of work, and gratefulness. 
Barton’s education and background give him the guidance and knowledge to lead the men spiritually.

Barton is a seminary graduate, and has completed CPG training, and, is also a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Barton says he is excited about joining the CC family because it is the opportunity to work and treat the client holistically.

Bret Lieker, Clay Crossings new Director says it is a blessing to have Jim join Clay Crossing, and to be the clinical director. His experience, and judgment have been fire tested over the past 19 years. His knowledge of procedures, and counseling supervision is excellent. Additionally, his spiritual background allows Barton to work with the client in an area Clay Crossing finds vital to treatment and recovery; allowing him to help the client in developing their own faith.



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